Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy 2014 & a New Baby in our Home!!

It has been a LONG time since I have last posted anything on this blog.
I have been "puttering" and slowing putting some projects together, and I am now at a point where I can start catching up on some other projects.

First of all, the BIG day arrived!
Our second son, Samuel Erik, was born on January 2.
He is a growing boy, already (this week) weighing in at 9lb 4 oz at 5.1 weeks old.  

I added some straps to an extra blanket to make this carseat cover: cotton on one side and fleece on the other.
It is perfect for the cold Canadian winter we have had.
It is also perfect for keeping dirty hands and snotty noses away from our newborn child.  :)

Last Fall, I made this cotton panel with green chenille backing for baby.  

My dear friend Dalene, who does my quilting, made this gorgeous quilt for Samuel!!  
I LOVE it!

 This is the quilt I made for Samuel...and I botched up 2 blocks!  Sigh!  :(

'The back of the quilt.
Neat, eh?!

I couldn't resist a pic of Samuel on the quilt while he was still so little.

It was late last year that I finished this quilt & binding.
This was my Spring Mystery Quilt.

Cute puzzle quilting pattern.

Backing for the orange/green/blue Spring Mystery Quilt. 

Samuel posing on my Aim-for-Accuracy Quilt

A4A (Aim-for-Accuracy) Quilt.
January 2014

My friend Lou made this fun, cozy flannel & minky baby burrito wrap.

Samuel on the "Dan's Climb" quilt I made last year.
Backing is brown chenille.

In the last few weeks I have been catching up on some quilt blocks.
It will be awhile before they are ready to be put into a quilt, but I'm ok with that.

January "Farmer's Wife" QB from Prairie Chicks BOM/quilt-along.
8.5" square each.

The last few months of Traditional Pastimes "Freebie 15" BOM & Companion.

This last block is adapted from the original instructions: where each red block is, there was supposed to be a red-&-tan coloured 9-patch, but I just don't have the time nor patience to be dealing with piddly measurements.  These blocks are supposed to finish up at 12.5" square, but I am lucky if I get them to finish at 12.25".  The gal that runs this BOM seems to LOVE those pesky x/16th measurements, so I round the numbers up or down to make them x/8th measurements...and that throws the entire block off in final measurements.  
I am planning to make 2 quilts out of these blocks b/c there will be 24-12.5" blocks when all is said and done in the Autumn, and I am not needing another queen or king size quilt!  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

At Long Last: An Update!

Wow, has it really been more than 2 months since I updated my blog?! 
Wherever does time go?

Here is what I have been up to...

I had my "Floating Stars" quilt quilted by my friend Dalene, and here is the finale, complete with binding.

Don't you just LOVE the pattern?

I finished the Aim for Accuracy Quilt top.  
Backing & batting purchased, now awaiting quilting.

This pattern is a small version of Heather Spence's "Dan's Climb" quilt

I added a brown chenille as the backing. 

I participated in Heather Spence's bi-annual mystery quilt, and this is the finished quilt top for the Fall 2013 Mystery Quilt.  It is called "Mum's the Word".  
Isn't it delightful?
The border looks like strawberries on this photo but it actually is flowers, and it is Moda fabrics that match quite closely to the jelly roll fabrics "Vin du Jour".
I will finish the backing next year.

We visited family in BC in October for Canadian Thanksgiving, and I took this quilt along so I could finish off the binding... and then leave it at my parents' place so they could pass it along to my niece, Miss B, who wanted this quilt.  

This "Plenty of Fish" quilt is huge!  

I love the stars & swirls pattern that Dalene did for this quilt!

So... with a baby on the way, I wanted to do some sewing... but a sewer I am NOT!!!!!
I botched up this fitted crib sheet.
Somehow I messed up the measurements then cut the corners of the fabric, realized my mistake, then had to add inserts (2, not 1 - duh!!) into the centre of the crib sheet.  
Ok, just fire me!  Fail!!
Thankfully, it is a busy pattern, and it isn't a main show piece, so hopefully baby will not be bothered by it.

I made a nursing pillow cover from the same Dr. Seuss black/white/red fabric.

I haven't finished my last block from Traditional Pastimes's "Vintage Plates" Freebie 15 series, so nothing to show for that one.

This year's theme for the Freebie 15 is Spice Bazaar.
It will be comprised of squares & rectangles.
Sounds easy, but a lot of the instructions are in 1/16" measurements - ugh.  
Here are the new Freebie 15 blocks: the Freebie (left - "Anise") and the companion (right - "Cinnamon") as well as 20 4-inch 4-squares.  
(Photo taken on iPhone, thus the lousy colour quality.)

Seven more weeks until baby's due date!!!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

August Crafts & Sewing Projects... and a Bit o' News

August was a busy month with crafts and sewing, and for some reason, I just haven't put photos onto this blog...until now... but with the downpour of rain outside, what better day to do that than today!  

I found this candy bouquet idea on Pinterest.
Inside the large canning jar are 2 slinkies with small Hot Wheels cars inside them, and jelly beans around/under/on top of the slinkies.
A big piece of foam on the jar mouth, poked with lollipops.
Gummy worms between the lollipops to make the present more boy'ish.
Tied with a ribbon & some boy-coloured balloons.
All set for a fun boy birthday gift.

I signed up for another fun Mystery Quilt by Heather Spence Designs.  
This MQ starts October 4.
Here is the fabric that I purchased for the MQ.
Oooh, ahhh, so exciting.

One of my nieces, Miss S., posing on the quilt she received from her quilty aunty. 

Sister J also received a quilt from me, same pattern but different colours.

My niece, Miss K, has requested a quilt in green, purple and teal.
Here are some of the blocks thus far (quilt still not finished) for the Aim for Accuracy Quilt Along.

My mother-in-law made these quilt blocks last year as part of her local quilt store's BOM.
MIL was involved in a car accident in January this year, and because of residual nerve/muscle damage, she is unable to complete this quilt, so she gave me fabric for the quilt top, backing and binding, and she asked me to complete the quilt for her.
Here is the finished quilt top.
Quilt is now at the quilter's for "sandwiching."

I recently participated in the Plenty of Fish quilt along, andI used up my scrap fabrics (although I did need to purchase whites/creams and greens).  Here is the finished quilt top - big enough for over a double bed.
This one is now also at the quilter's awaiting completion.

And Finally...
A New Baby Quilt.
Yup, I am preggers and Flutterbug is due January 8, 2014!!

We have no idea if this will be a boy or a girl, so I am sewing boy and girl blankets.
I couldn't find any girl blankets at one store I visited, but I did find this sorta-neutral, but probably-more-boy quilt top, and I added a light green chenille to the backing.
(Girl blankets yet to be purchased and sewn.)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Busy, Busy!

My sewing machine was repaired and was away for TWO WHOLE Weeks!  Gasp!   Oh, how I was itching to do some quilting therapy again!!  Thus, I did a lot of sewing when I got my machine back!!

Today, I removed the "corners" of the May 2013 'Freebie 15' block.  The theme for this year's Freebie BOM is "Vintage Plates" and I felt that the block did not look like a plate... so now it does look more plate-ish.

June 2013 Vintage Plate (Freebie 15 series blocks)

"Royal Ruby Glass" Vintage Plate
Royal Ruby depression glass was made by the Anchor Hawking Glass Company.  Made between 1938 & 1960 the Royal Ruby name was patented so that only glass made by Anchor Hawking could use the name.  This glass was made for many years therefore a large variety of pieces are available at reasonable prices.  

This lovely purple/blue/mint green block is this month's Freebie block.  I didn't quite get the centre-points lined up, but I am not going to get fussed about that.  

"Doric Patterned Glass" Vintage Plate
The McKee brothers in 1896 manufactured the Doric pattern also known as crowfoot.  Another pattern referred to as fine cut & feathers is similar to the Doric pattern in that it has scallop shapes.  The fine cut and feathers are filled in with cross-hatching giving it the name fine cut.

I finished my Scrappy Stars quilt.  This is a sentimental quilt for me because 11 or the 12 stars were blocks of the month from Freckles Quilt Shop here in Calgary...and then they closed the store as the owner retired.  I LOVED that quilt shop!! 
I love the colours and vintage-ness of this quilt!!

I had a special request for 2 special little ladies: 2 of my nieces were in need of summer quilts and the colour request was purple.  I needed to get them made quickly so I made this fun but quick pattern.

I joined the "Plenty of Fish" quilt along (on-line) and so I dug into my fabric scrap stash.  What a great way to use up scraps!  I only had to purchase creams, some whites and a few greens.
While the sewing machine was in for repair, I cut, cut, cut fabrics for steps 1-9, and then I frantically sewed when I got the machine back.  Add Step 10 and here we are, although this photo does not show all the blocks; there are 30 star blocks, 20 of the other block plus 6 long strips.  I will have to wait until the next clue before I can start doing any more sewing for this quilt.

One website/blog I follow is The Quilting Gallery and Michelle who runs that site has started the "Aiming-for-Accuracy Quilt Along"... and another special little lady (niece) has requested a quilt with purple and green and teal so I dug into my stash and have put these 5 blocks together so far... and hopefully Miss K will like this quilt.
Block patterns come out weekly (I'll have to wait a week for Lesson 6) and the quilt top won't be done until mid-October... so perhaps it will be done for Christmas.